Antique Mid 19th Century Papier Mache Tray Coffee Table

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A very attractive mid-19th century papier mache tray having
shaped sides and hand painted decoration raised on
later faux bamboo stand

(What better way to look after the environment than to
recycle beautiful, old, antique objects with little purpose
in the modern world and give them a new purpose. Thats
exactly what’s happened to this pretty Papier Mache tray.
It is now a very attractive and very functional coffee table
or even just side table, with the added bonus that the tray is
still removable and can therefore be used as an actual tray as
and when required.

This particular tray is in good condition although there are
certainly signs that it has seen plenty of use throughout its
life. There are a few old cracks and digs and some of the gilded
decoration around the edge has been re-touched at some point.
The painted decoration itself is in excellent condition and extremely
vivid in design. The stand is also slightly nicer than you would often
expect to see with somebody having gone to the trouble of creating
cluster column legs.)

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