Early 19th Century French Chestnut Farmhouse Dining Table

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A charming early 19th century French chestnut farmhouse
dining table having very well figured four plank top over
two frieze drawers raised on faceted turned legs retaining
exceptional rich color and patina throughout

(A superb example of its type this early 19th century farmhouse
table is much earlier in date than the majority of similar tables
found on the market. It has also retained a wonderful rich color
and patina to the chestnut which itself is less commonly used than
oak, or pine, or even various fruitwoods. It features two drawers to
the frieze, one in the end and one in the side, rather than the usual
one you would find. It is also a most comfortable 8-seat, no matter
what the style of chairs you put around it. On the subject of chairs
there is no concerns here with low stretchers between the legs
making the table awkward to sit at and at some point historically
somebody has sympathetically added an inch or two to the bottom
of the legs to make up for the wood that has no doubt rotted away
after standing on damp stone floors for much of its life, meaning that
there is good clearance from the floor to the undercarriage of the table
and it is comfortable for any size person to sit at. In summary a
beautiful table with a huge amount of character and
function ready to go straight into the home.)

Measures: Height 31.5in
Width 69in
Depth 32in

Height of clearance from floor to undercarriage 24.5in.

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