Queen Anne Laburnum Oyster Veneered Antique Glove Box

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A delightful Queen Anne period oyster veneered laburnum
Glove box with attractive geometric inlaid and crossbanded
Decoration to lift up lid enclosing paper lining over
Original brass lock escutcheon

(Gloves were valued and fashionable items throughout the 17th
and 18th centuries and indeed they were required to be worn by
ladies whilst in attendance at court. The gloves which you could
afford and their condition was very much a symbol of status, so it
is natural that there were some very grand boxes made for the
storage of these gloves to ensure they were maintained in the best
possible way. This particular example is over 300 years old and in
excellent condition with some lovely inlaid decoration. It retains its
original brass lock escutcheon which is a nice feature, but would
probably have had a silk lined interior originally which has been
replaced with paper lining at some point in its history.).

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