Military Camphor Wood 19th Century Campaign Chest Of Drawers

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A Good Quality Mid 19th Century Camphor Wood Military
Campaign Chest In Two Parts Having Two Short And
Three Long Drawers Retaining Original Flush Fitted Brass
Handles And Original Brass Bound Decoration Raised On
Original Turned Feet

(Military campaign chests as the name suggests were originally
made for easy transportation around various battlefields. A few of
the specific features for this purpose are the two part construction
for ease of movement, the flush fitted brass handles and brass bound
decoration designed to ensure there are as few bit “poking out” that
could be snagged or caught on things as possible. This particular is
made of camphor wood which is generally regarded as the best
quality of the woods used to construct these types of chests from &
the use of camphor wood does of course offer a pleasant aroma inside
the drawers when opened which was originally designed to keep away
moths and other insects and bugs.)

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