English 18th Century Matched Pair Of Mahogany Bedside Night Tables

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An Exceptionally Well Matched Pair Of 18th Century Mahogany
Bedside Night Tables, Or Tray Top Commodes, Of Good Colour
And Patina Having Shaped Gallery Tops Over Well Figured Up 
And Over Doors And Converted Drawers Raised On Square
Chamfered Legs

(Excellent examples of the stereotypical Georgian bedside night table
these retain a delightful rich colour and patina. They have been matched into
a pair at some point in their history, although they are so well matched they 
almost certainly came out of the same workshop in the first place, but at 
slightly different times perhaps. Its extremely common to find matched pairs
due to the demand for matching tables either side of a bed, yet the relative 
scarcity and therefore extremely high value of most true pairs found on the 
market. As mentioned the differences between these examples are very
 minor compared to most that we have seen which is nice. 

They continue to prove an extremely popular option for bedside tables  
due to their relative sturdiness (especially when compared to various other  
bedside options), the storage they are able to offer and the tray  
type tops which make it much less likely items perched on top  
will get knocked over.) 

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