Antique Regency Rosewood Baby Pembroke Table

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A Very Good Quality Regency Period Rosewood Baby
Pembroke Table Having Superbly Figured Two Flap Top
With Carved Edge Above Two Frieze Drawers Opposed
By Two Dummy Drawers To Reverse Raised On Turned &
Carved Central Column With Four Carved Paw Feet

(A particularly nice quality and elegant example of its type
this small Pembroke table exudes luxury. The highly figured
veneers have clearly been carefully chosen and the crisply
carved edge and carved decoration to the column have
been carried out by a specialist craftsman. These type of
small pembroke (nicknamed “baby pembroke’s” remain
universally popular due to the versatility that they offer in terms
of location and the functionality being able to raise one, both or
no flaps offers.)

Circa 1830

Height – 28in
Width – 16in (flaps down)
Width – 31in (flaps up)
Depth – 20in

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