Antique 19th Century Walnut Baby Sutherland Table

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A Superb Quality Late 19th Century Burr Walnut Baby
Sutherland Table Having Oval Drop Flaps Raised On
Elegant Turned And Fluted End Supports With Original
Brass Castors

(A particularly good quality example of a very useful type
of table. This table has superb burr walnut veneers and
much more elegant turned upright supports than is often
the case. In terms of functionality this offers the best of both
worlds with the option of being able to fold down both flaps
and have the table take up very little space in modern day
living. However once both flaps are raised it really is a very
useful and practical size and the perfect height to be used
as a semi permanent coffee table. )

Circa 1880

Height – 24in
Width – 7in (flaps down)
Width – 31in (flaps up)
Depth – 22in

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